Megan Walker

Megan Walker is a Client Service Specialist for a financial institution in Houston, Texas. In this role, Megan focuses on ensuring the client’s satisfaction with the service they are receiving from the financial advisor.  She is a strong believer in classic humanitarianism, supporting various non-profits around the community including associations such as the American Heart Association, where she participates in their Heart Walk annually, as well as for Big Brother’s Big Sisters, in which she mentors high school students into their college years with the goal of teaching how to build and maintain responsible relationships, as well as developing the skills required to succeed in a workplace. Megan is also a qualified Massage Therapist holding a license from the Phoenix School of Holistic Health. She has dedicated a significant amount of her free time to educating herself in natural therapy, communicating the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

Megan is no stranger to the world of business, having spent 7 years working as a corporate professional, training her in the importance of maintaining client relationships, financial literacy, competence, and achieving personal growth. Megan has experience in and around the Houston area, serving various musicians, public relations experts, graphic designers, videographers, and photographers. She has worked as a network consultant for several years, and has experience in working with several startup companies, providing insight and advice on business practices, as well as collaborating with businesses in event coordination in different markets. Megan offers experience in several different fields, and is often recognized for being known as a Jack of all trades.