About Us



You Are a Queen is a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization based in Houston, Texas, servicing young ladies between the ages of 5-25 years old. We provide a hand in the refinement of polished and poised young women. With a primary focus on inner-beauty, kindness, and giving, we strive to counter the effects of self-hate, neglect, heartache, and general growing pains of development.

Unlike other empowerment organizations, You Are a Queen leverages its partnerships with outreach programs within our target market in lieu of internal membership. Acting as a directorial facilitator, we are able to better service those who come through our doors, by guiding each young lady to a program that specifically caters to her individual need based upon our thorough, personal assessment process. By doing so, we optimize our resources in a way that will allow us to reach a larger number of girls each year. In addition, we charter empowerment, mentorship, and self-development events throughout the year, offering a beacon of light, perpetually. We strive to make the lives of women better globally, and we succeed by fostering symbiotic relationships and instilling the replication of our values in all youth we have an opportunity to influence.



Our mission is to enhance the development of growing girls by pairing them with the resources necessary to prevail through and beyond their youth.


Our vision is to create an empire of educated, self-assured and successful young ladies that pride themselves in building, uniting, and providing assistance to one another.


Sèna Pierre

founder & president

Sèna Pierre is a philanthropic entrepreneur with a heart for helping others. She attended Brooks College in Long Beach, California. While Sèna was continuing to further develop her skill set in her work, she knew and understood that she had to have a strong foundation, which could only be established through her relationship with God. As she continues to grow spiritually, Sèna is instrumental in enriching the lives of others by being able to minister to others through the various components of Sèna Pierre Inc. Sèna’s passion for being a humanitarian has kept her engaged in being deeply involved in projects that aim to improve today’s youth.